This morning - in front of my wardrobe - I had a typical girl thing going on; my brand new dress was staring at me from its hanger and my phone told me it was going to be too cold to wear it. Luckily, cloudy Tuesday couldn’t beat me: I am wearing my new [space print] dress! I made it work by adding this skylight blue bomber jacket + a pair of warm socks in my sneakers (hidden of course ;)). No feeling of cold legs at all! This look is definitely added to my top list of favourite outfits, I love the mix between feminine, sophistication and sporty.

Happy Tuesday!

 Dress: Samsoe & Samsoe | Jacket: Selected Femme | Sneakers: Philippe Model | Bag: StudioRUIG | Necklace: Selected Femme

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  1. I found you today on lookbook and I must confess that your style really inspiring me.
    I will save your blog at my favorites, so keep it up

    1. Thank you for this compliment, it really made me smile! :)


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