When it comes to seasons, there’s no point in time that makes me happier than the moment I get to wear a pair of shorts. So today, I’m slowly bringing more excitement to my outfit! I guess it’s kind of a meeting between casual and clean because the striped tee feels like my pyjamas (very casual) and the pair of shorts is more feminine/chiq. I absolutely love the dreamy ‘vintage lavender’ colour of the jacket mixed to it. Surely something new in my color palette! It didn’t take long before I took my jacket of though, the weather is pretty great today!

Blazer: Selected Femme / T-shirt: Samsoe&Samsoe / Bag: Obey / Necklace: The Boyscouts / Shoes: Toms

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  1. I somehow stumbled across your blog while looking for reviews of TOMS this evening. I am looking at purchasing my very first pair! I have read all sorts of stories on various websites about TOMS making feet really sweaty so I have been hesitant to buy a pair in the past. Has this been your experience with TOMS or are your feet always dry when you wear them?

    Fantastic website, by the way! You have a new fan!


    1. Hi Sarah, Oh I think you will absolutely love them! Ofcourse they can be a bit sweaty of you don't wear socks in them, but it's real leather so it will 'breathe' perfectly. I guess if you want to make sure you won't be sweating, you should wear little socks!

    2. Thank you for the excellent feedback! Do you wear socks with your TOMS? Do they personally make your own feet sweaty? Does the real leather mean they make your feet smell? Thanks! I can't wait to get my first pair!

    3. No, i don't wear socks in them, for me it isn't necessary. The leather also has little holes in it, so that is perfect for breathing. But i think you should try and see what works best for you! Good luck :)


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