I remember my first day in high school like it was yesterday; I wore a lightblue jacket, mid-blue jeans, white sneakers and I rode a purple bike (well; those colorful days are definitely over!). On my back I wore the most interesting fashion item of all: a black KIPLING. For those of you from another era, it is a huge backpack with a little monkey bangle that made every kid look even tinier than they already were. A year later I switched to an all-over print Eastpack, which was pretty cool from what I recollect.

But seeing this stunning piece of art today made me realize the design of backpacks has definitely been taken up a notch. This Eastpack design is in collaboration with jewelry label The Boyscouts – and I absolutely love it! The black leather, the thick white rope and the minimal silver details... It’s a true fashion accessory. For today’s look I combined it with a dotted maxidress and a long thick knitted vest, both by Storm & Marie.

Dress: Storm & Marie / Wool Cardigan: Storm & Marie / 
Backpack: Eastpack x The Boyscouts

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