I took the concept of layering to a whole other level today. And after seeing the photos, I have to admit I think I pulled it off quite well. I’m wearing a total of 5 tops! Not all visible, obviously ;). It all happened after a little panic attack this morning. A fresh breeze of cold air surprised me in a non-cool way, and my winter coat was nowhere in sight.
Luckily my thoughts jumped to my new -super warm- cardigan, which was just waiting to be exposed. I love being wrapped in it, say hello to my saviour!

Coat: Selected Femme / Cardigan: Storm & Marie / Blouse : Samsoe Samsoe / Skirt: Selected Femme / Bag: Denise Roobol / Shoes: Cheap Monday
Cap: Cheap Monday / Sunglasses: Ace & Tate

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