I think it’s safe to say that I have some personal rituals that I keep repeating every year. The weeks before Christmas for instance, I tend to get real crazy on gifts. And every year, my exciting crusade starts at FEE - this year the store is filled with sóó many pretty gifts! The FEE gift guide [your one way guide to the perfect present] has been sent out this Wednesday, and it’s full of ideas. But, to get to my point: in the middle of my crusade I was snooping around and found the perfect gift for… me! Ugh! This is truly my biggest Christmas trap!  Although I shouldn’t be buying gifts for myself, I do have to –proudly - introduce you to this cobalt blue beanie. What a cutie!  

Bodystock: Y.A.S / Blouse: TIger Of Sweden / Pants : Y.A.S / Beanie: Obey / Shoes: Phillipe Model / Bracelet: The Boyscouts 

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