The monday blues

The sun was happily peeking through my window this morning. But before I got to imagining myself in my bikini this afternoon, I felt the cool breeze outside. Ugh! On days like this I hold on tight to my 2-in-1 jacket. Since you're probably in the same situation as me today (warm-cold-warm again), I thought i'd show it to you. The upper jacket is super comfy and warm, and has a fresh blue/grey shine. Under that, there is this seasons most happening trend: the bomber jacket. This black version is surprisingly cute with a slightly puffed square pattern. Besides that, I’m wearing my favourite pair of Cheap Monday’s + sunny beige Clarks. 

Happy Monday!

 Jacket: Storm&Marie | Jeans: Cheap Monday | Shirt: Selected Femme | Shoes: Clarks desert boots | Necklace: Selected Femme

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