Today I'm taking you into your favourite coffee maker's home! ;) Chrissy's apartment is filled with vintage furniture, decorations and quirky keepsakes.

Chrissy: 'I instantly felt at home in this apartment, I love the old wooden floorboards and windows.
I reminded me of the old Victorian houses I used to live in, it's very me.'

'My bedroom is very bright in daytime; all furniture and all the walls are painted white. There are some chrome details, such as my '60's lamp in the corner. I like to keep my living space clean and wide open, it compensates for the chaos inside my mind and helps me stay focussed and organised!'

'I picked up this letter board at a flea market and when I moved in here, I figured my home should carry a name that would be an inspiring and creative space to live in, just like the Chelsea Hotel in NYC. (above). I like to collect flyers and postcards from places I've been and gigs I've seen and nail em to the wall. It's an ever expanding collection!'

'My living room is probably my most antique-y space, my dining table came from a garage in the area and the chrome 60's chairs are from FEE's own vintage living collection. My couch is an original Chesterfield that I travelled across the country for and my TV stand comes from a German army base. I like to tell people it's from the Second World War - it might be true.'

'My bookcase holds a great collection of old records, books on music and artists and biographies and crystal ware that I've picked up in random thrift stores and flea markets. My favourite item is the silver vintage table lighter that my sister gave me for Christmas. It's pretty cool.'

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